Mississippi Mothers is a high quality tribute to the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, covering the band’s material from their inception to the current era.

Fundamentally they are all fans and have an affinity with the rock and boogie of the US south.

Consisting of outstanding musicians with solid vocals up front, Mississippi Mothers have built up a strong following receiving numerous plaudits from their peers, fans and the venues they have appeared at to date, as well as attracting national attention from industry agents and bookers.

An authentic Experience

Setting out to re-create Lynyrd Skynyrd’s impressive musicianship, especially in a live environment, was never going to be an easy task as the band set the bar so high.

However, Mississippi Mothers have not shied away from tackling some of the band’s more challenging tracks, such as I Know A Little and Kiss Your Freedom, as well as the classic Free Bird.

"What Songs Do you wanna' hear?"

Complementing the great songs mentioned above the set list includes other classics such as:

Georgia Peaches, Simple Man, Sweet Home Alabama, Needle And The Spoon, Gimme Three Steps, Coming Home, Tuesday’s Gone, Lend A Helping Hand, Down South Jukin’, Don’t Ask Me No Questions, Call Me The Breeze, Every Mother’s Son, Searching, What’s Your Name, Whiskey Rock n Roller, Ain’t No Good Life and others.