Any type of function, except for political lobbying events or events which support

Events include, but are not exclusive to: Festivals, ticketed concerts, corporate events, promotions and other life celebrations. 

We can play for anything up to 1.5 hours and that time can be split into sections to
suit your event.

We are based in Cambridgeshire, UK and are happy to travel to wherever you wish to book us within reason, either in the UK or beyond.

Our fees will reflect the time, travel costs and possibly accommodation required to
be able to facilitate your event.

Our fee varies depending on the type of event you wish to book us for, the distance
we may need to travel and the client’s wishes with regard to get in time, set up
time, performance time, clothing, equipment, the day of the year etc.

We provide 1.5 hour show, which can be split into sections to suit your event if

We’re happy to discuss your requirements and will quote fees for your bespoke

A 25% booking fee will be charged with the full balance to be paid no later than 48
hours prior to the event itself, unless it is a ticketed event.

If an event is cancelled, the cancellation fee is 25% of the total agreed fee. Any
other paid fees will be returned.

A contract will be issued outlining the details of the client’s wishes and the band’s
commitments to the event, so that both parties have a clear understanding of any verbal agreements made.

Payments can be made in cash or by bank transfer upon request of details.

As there are various parameters surrounding ticketed events, we’ll be pleased to come to an individual agreement with the promoter / venue regarding due payments.

If required to do so by the client, our media representatives Only Music Media will promote our events extensively online, mainly via social media platforms.

OMM also inform local radio and hard copy press.

Yes we do and we’re happy to help when we can, but we limit the number to three per year. Most live bands are asked on numerous occasions to appear for free and to raise money for good causes, and we are no different, but please respect that appearing at any event is a big commitment and costs time and money to attend, so we can’t accommodate them all.

Yes, we have a full range 2500 watt PA system which is capable of handling most small and large scale
events. For instance, we use this system for both large hall and outdoor events.

As standard we use basic portable stage lighting which is sufficient for most small to medium size indoor

We can also quote for whatever scale of light show you require, if indeed you are thinking of something
more exotic than basic stage lighting.

We have unique set ups regarding keyboard sounds and guitar effects, but other than that, we would be
happy to use any backline provided.

No we do not, unless the client specifically requests their use.

All things Lynyrd Skynryd. Southern American rock and boogie!

We have a planned set list, but if you have a specific Lynyrd Skynyrd song you
wish us to perform which is not on it, then as long as we have time to rehearse it up
to standard, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Sorry, but we do not take requests at the event itself.

We are a well oiled professional band, so we avoid unrehearsed and off the cuff

What we do not want is guests just jumping up on stage with us. If this happens we
would cease playing until the person is removed by the client or their security, as
this not only a disturbance for us trying to deliver our professionally paid for show,
but also a safety issue and potential equipment damage risk.

Just general 1970’s style rock n roll attire, however, if you have specific
requirements, we will be pleased to discuss those with you.

Yes, we can send you a high definition full colour event poster which you can print and use.

As long as the venue and our client is in agreement, you are welcome to take photographs or video of the band and use the results as you see fit.

However, please be mindful that sound quality via mobile phone recording is generally terrible and will not represent the band in a good light at all, especially if posted to social media etc, so as much as we are not against it, it really does no artist any favours.

If you are indeed taking photos or video at an event, please be courteous to others
who are trying to watch the show.

We engage via Only Music Media professional recordists, videographers and
photographers to document our shows where we wish it.

If you would like our show professionally documented at your event, our representatives Only Music Media would be pleased to discuss this with you.