Mirko Muneratti

Frontman, Vocalist, Lead Guitarist.

Consummate lead guitarist and former native of Vicenza Italy, Mirko is first and foremost a Lynyrd Skynyrd fanatic, having seen them many times live and following them since his youth.

Mirko has been performing from his early teens to date, mainly in rock ‘n’ roll bands, including at one time a Kiss tribute among others.

Earning praise from his peers and fans alike, Mirko is very much the driving force, frontman and glue which holds everything Mississippi Mothers together.

Mirko Muneratti

Dave Sole

Mark Ringer

Keyboardist, drummer, guitarist, bassist and occasional vocalist.

Mark has an exhaustive background in the music industry and has worn many hats over the years, but is currently a full time working musician and involved in several music projects, including the frenetic keyboardist for Mississippi Mothers.

Mark has appeared on numerous albums and performed with internationally renowned artists both domestically and abroad.

Mark Ringer

Eddie duff

Bassist, guitarist, vocalist.

Eddie has played extensively in the UK and South Africa with original and cover bands over many years.

Currently bassist and backing vocalist with Mississippi Mothers and accomplished dep musician for various current live music projects.

  Eddie Duff

Michael Muneratti

Lead & Rhythm Guitarist.

Son of Mirko Muneratti, Michael has established his own reputation as a fine musician, mirroring his father’s guitar parts and dueling with him on stage during some of the classic solo’s which Steve Gaines, Gary Rossington, Allen Collins and Ed King developed during their triumphant times with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Michael also has a keen interest in songwriting composition which he is currently studying.

Michael Muneratti

Dave Sole

Drummer & Percussionist

Dave is simply one of the best around, massively talented, a perfectionist and a highly sought after drummer.

Owner of the Mad About Drums (MAD) drum store and a drumming tutor, Dave has extensive gigging experience over many years with numerous projects.

Solid is an understatement where Dave is concerned!